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Corrugated Boxes


Protect your product

Carlsbad Packaging carries a complete line of quality packing and shipping supplies.

We can design custom corrugated boxes tailored to your brand and product specs with the top priority being product protection in transit.

A corrugated box is much thicker, and stronger than custom chipboard boxes which makes them viable for heavier products. Sometimes simply creating a custom box in a more effective size is not enough to protect the product properly from bursts or punctures. Our designers can also create custom corrugated inserts to keep your product in place or present your product nicely within the outer packaging for the receiver.

Boxes in Stock or within 1-2 days

Standard, Medium. Large, X-Large, Mirror, Large Mirror, Wardrobe, Dishpack, Self Folding, Flat Screen TV, Picture, Double Walled

Carlsbad Packaging supplies high quality boxes and shipping supplies at competitive prices.  Contact us today to place an order or speak with a representative for more details.

Sometimes stock corrugated options just don’t cut it.

Depending on your product sometimes you need a custom design to protect it correctly and ensure it arrives undamaged to your customer. Delivering damaged goods can cost you more in the long run and leave you with unhappy customers and negative reviews.

Custom Designs

Our structural design engineers consider many factors when designing your custom packaging. For example;

  • How is your product shipping? UPS, freight, etc.? Adaptations will need to be made depending on how the product will ship.
  • Does your product require inserts? Custom inserts can be designed for extra protection or a better presentation for the end-user.
  • Who are the boxes shipping to? Your own company, a co-packer, or the customer, each may require different needs for effective delivery.
  • Will the boxes be stacked? If so you may require a corrugated material with added burst strength to mitigate punctures.
  • Will the boxes be loaded onto pallets? If so, the size of the box may need to be adjusted for more efficiency.

Contact us today to speak with one of our structural and graphic designers to help you customize the right packaging for your product!






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